R-experts can provide consultancy services to regulators and ministries on various issues surrounding telecommunications and media. Below you will find a capsule of our services:

  • Designing, reviewing and implementing policies and strategies on licences, new wireless technologies, Voice over IP, Next Generation Networks, convergence between telecom and broadcasting and fixed and mobile, spectrum, numbers, health issues surrounding electro-magnetic fields, interconnection and tariffs;
  • Designing, reviewing and implementing legal and regulatory frameworks;
  • Institution and capacity building for regulators;
  • Assessing the impact of regulatory decisions and performing cost benefit analyses;
  • Conducting market analysis;
  • Designing and reviewing auctions and competitive tenders for licences;
  • Providing expert opinions in court cases;
  • Advising on national frequency plans frequency band plans, spectrum pricing and fees, monitoring of frequency usage, enforcement and interference;
  • Organizing workshops, seminars and study visits on specific topics.

A more detailed list of all our services is available upon request.